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Express check-in Service in AP Bhavan

In New Delhi's Andhra Pradesh Bhawan, a new digital guest check-in system is being introduced, reinforcing the state's position as a pioneer in adopting IT solutions.

The new Express check-in which uses a mobile swipe system, simplifies the process of guest registration and room allocation. Guests need to download a new application called Conyct on their phones and log in with thier details prior to their arrival. Once there, all it takes is a swipe and two minutes and the check in is done. Check outs can also be carried out in the same manner.

Resident Commissioner: "Just as Andhra Pradesh is striving to digitise all services, Andhra Pradesh Bhawan is worling to digitise its functioning. We have already digitised our filing system and surveillance. In the same vein, we will now be providing guests at the APB an Express check in facility. This is the first time in the country, in the world in fact, that such a system is being introduced. This new application has been sent to all officers of the state who have downloaded it and will now be able to avail of the new Express check-in when the visit APB in future."

Be it ministers or the general public, this new application will save time for all visitors of Andhra Pradesh Bhawan. The system is currentlly being implemented on a trial basis till the 31st of March and will be officially introduced on the 1st of April.